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Paterson Alliance Programs      




Think Success - Think Pre-K

Studies show that 90% of a child's brain development occurs before the age of five. Paterson Alliance is committed to ensuring that every child recieves high quality child care and the opportunity to attend preschool.  Through the Paterson Early Childhood Coalition (PECC) Paterson Alliance partners with more than 20 organizations that serve the Paterson community and share our commitment to improving the lives of  Paterson's youngest residents. The PECC's Think Success and Think Pre-K programs provide the public with information that stresses the importance of early learning and the benefits that young children recieve from attending preschool.




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 Register Your 3 or 4 year old for Pre-K today!

Learn more at:


Think PreK Final Plan

Paterson Kids Count 2015

ACNJ - New Jersey Babies Count 2018 Report 

Impact of Paterson's Environment on Children

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