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jobs page

Oasis - A Haven for Women and Children

Full Service Community School Coordinator

Posted On:
Closing On:
Wednesday, 17th October 2018
Friday, 16th November 2018
Department: Education
Location: 59 Mill Street, Paterson, NJ 07501
Job Type:
Full Time
Education: 4 Year Degree

Job Description:


The FSCS Coordinator facilitates educational, socio-emotional, recreational, health and wellness programming to benefit the students and families of Paterson Public School 2. Information to coordinate these programs is gathered through stakeholder consensus, and recorded data is used to deliver programing that meets community needs.


  1. Coordinate on-site youth & social service programs for after-school, school day, and summer programming. Registration of participants, monitor program attendance and dismissal.
  2. Plan, develop, publicize and coordinate parent engagement activities, programs, and projects that support student learning, academic achievement and family/community bonds.
  3. Serve on and/or provide guidance for the various school leadership teams and work with school administrators and staff.
  4. Work with the Community School Advisory Committee, school administrators, teachers, community-based organizations, parents and students to identify barriers to learning, available resources and gaps, and to develop programming that is community responsive.
  5. Supervise Community School Staff for after-school and summer programming.
  6. Implement a needs assessment process utilizing surveys and focus groups to gather information from stakeholders including: students, families, PS2 staff, and community organizations.
  7. Facilitate monthly fire drills & twice yearly lockdown drills.
  8. Coordinate the use of space for student and family support services, and for special events.
  9. Coordination with PPSD Food Services department for daily meal & snack program.
  10. Maintain an effective referral process; facilitate/co-facilitate the coordination of services team, where members review, assign and follow up on referrals, and troubleshoot student and systems issues.
  11. Attend all required school/district and Oasis meetings to build strong communication and align services with school priorities and student learning goals among service providers, staff, parents & students.
  12. Support the development of youth leadership, parent engagement and family support throughout all Community School efforts.
  13. Act as point person for potential new partnerships.
  14. Complete reports and collect data in order to effectively plan, inform decision-making, and promote accountability by designated deadlines.
  15. Purchase/order materials and supplies.



  1. Actively participates in enhancing client satisfaction.
  2. Participates in projects, committees, activities and continuing education to maintain and advance professional competency.


  1. Utilizes sound judgment in critical thinking and problem solving and is able to make appropriate decisions based on available data. Able to provide rationale for decisions, in both written and verbal communications.
  2. Informs appropriate persons of unusual or difficult client care problems.
  3. Utilizes appropriate reference materials (i.e. policy and procedure manual, reference books) to respond to unfamiliar situations.


  1. Observes common rules of courtesy and discretion.
  2. Always respects client confidentiality by releasing information to only those individuals who are authorized and need to know.
  3. Regularly attends and participates in staff meetings.
  4. Communicates clearly and age appropriately in verbal and/or written form.


  1. Assures a clean, safe, adequately supplied work area.
  2. Properly disposes of waste materials in accordance with approved policies and procedures.
  3. Immediately reports unsafe conditions to appropriate personnel.


  1. Cooperates and works well with management, other program staff members and all personnel in working toward program goals and objectives.
  2. Contributes to harmonious working relationships by dealing with conflicts in a constructive manner. Able to deal with a variety of people and personalities
  3. Cooperates with reassignments in the interest of client care and program needs.
  4. Works beyond the scheduled shift to complete work in an emergency situation.


  1. Adheres to all program policies and procedures.
  2. Adheres to all applicable personnel policies, including attendance and provides proper notification for absences, tardiness and vacation requests, and dress code.
  3. Respects length of time for lunch and breaks. Provides for area coverage when necessary.

     Required of all employees:

  1. Must be able to work legally in the United States.
  2. Must have no record of child abuse/neglect.
  3. Fingerprinting required (Oasis will direct new hire to proper agency for fingerprinting).
  4. Must complete CARI form (Oasis will provide form and submit to proper agency).

Preferred Skills:


  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Social Services, Education, or equivalent.
  2. Supervisory, management, or community organizing experience in Social Services/Education field.
  3. Bilingual Spanish/ English speaker preferred.



Please send a cover letter and resume to:

Jessica Egger

Director of Education

Oasis – A Haven for Women and Children

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