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Paterson Alliance 20th Anniversary - Founders' Video from David Spungen/Creative Scenarios on Vimeo.

Our History
The Paterson Alliance was founded in 1998 by five nonprofit agencies in the City of Paterson, who came together understanding that collectively the Paterson Nonprofit community needed to set an agenda that would advance the quality of life in the City. Today these five member organizations have grown to a membership consisting of more than 100 organizations. The Paterson Alliance is a member-led and member-engaged organization. The Paterson Alliance actively solicits members of the Paterson nonprofit community to join the Alliance.

Our Mission
Uniting nonprofit and community partners to create a vibrant Paterson. We strive to improve collaboration between members, to be inclusive and build a culture where everyone feels respected, included, and valued.

Our Vision
Paterson is a city of happy, healthy engaged citizens, living well and participating in creating a vibrant future.

Who We Are
  • We Are the voice of Paterson's nonprofit community.
  • We are 80 Organizations Strong-and growing-with a shared vision of what Paterson can be.
  • By combining our knowledge, experience and resources, and by including our neighbors in the conversation, we will create a vibrant Paterson.

What Do We Do?

  • Promote networking opportunities among Paterson nonprofits to help them stay informed about each other’s services and  concerns.
  • Foster communication among Paterson nonprofit organizations. Facilitate collaborative projects among Paterson nonprofits and with other sectors.
  •  Build capacity through a self-help model for the Paterson nonprofit community.
  •  We do not compete with our member organizations; we operate in collaboration with our members to leverage programmatic, community and funding opportunities.
  • Serve as a trusted and impartial source of information and resources for the nonprofit community and its supporters.
  •  Advocate on behalf of the Paterson's nonprofit community.
  • Represent the diversity of nonprofit organizations in the community that we serve.
  •  Communicate effectively with the public about the needs and issues of nonprofits.

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