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Paterson Alliance Programs      



Census 2020              Creative Paterson                  Apprenticeship Program



Think Success - Think Pre-K

Studies show that 90% of a child's brain development occurs before the age of five. Paterson Alliance is committed to ensuring that every child recieves high quality child care and the opportunity to attend preschool.  Through the Paterson Early Childhood Coalition (PECC) Paterson Alliance partners with more than 20 organizations that serve the Paterson community and share our commitment to improving the lives of  Paterson's youngest residents. The PECC's Think Success and Think Pre-K programs provide the public with information that stresses the importance of early learning and the benefits that young children recieve from attending preschool.




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 Register Your 3 or 4 year old for Pre-K today!

Learn more at:

                                                   Join our  Paterson PreK Facebook Group

                                                                                             Program Funded by:

                                           nicholson The Nicholson Foundation             td TD Charitable Foundation


Paterson Kids Count 2015

ACNJ - New Jersey Babies Count 2018 Report 

                                                         Additional Resources at Paterson


                                                                                          Childcare Mapping                                                                                                      




Census 2020 - #Paterson Counts 2020 


Census 2020 is coming! The United States Census Bureau will be conduct a census of the nation’s population in 2020 as required by the United States Constitution. Beginning in March every known address in America will be sent a census form. For the first time many people will have the option to submit their census form electronically. Whether you choose to complete your census form online or by mail  submitting your 2020 census form is safe and easy. It is important to include every person living in your household on the form regardless of their age, race, gender or immigration status. Everyone counts in Census 2020.

It is believed that Paterson’s population was undercounted in the 2010 Census. Currently 84% of Paterson residents live in neighborhoods that have been designated “hard to count” by the Census Bureau. A complete and accurate count of Paterson’s population in Census 2020 will help ensure that the city of Paterson will receive every dollar of state and federal funding for programs and services that it is entitled to.

Paterson Alliance is collaborating with our members, the the State of New Jersey, the Mayor’s office and community leaders in the city of Paterson to help make Census 2020 a success. Paterson Alliance Executive Director Inge Spungen is co-chair of the Paterson Complete Count Committee. The Complete Count Committee was formed in 2018 by Mayor Andre Sayegh to provide the public with information about the census and to encourage residents to be counted in Census 2020. The Paterson Alliance has other census projects planned for 2020 including Census Ambassador training, Census Kiosks and Census Selfies. Visit our #Paterson Counts 2020 website to learn more about Census 2020.


                                                       Join the Paterson Census Selfies Challenge Today!                                             




Creative Paterson

Creative Paterson


On June 18 and June 19, 2018 approximately 150 people gathered in Passaic County Community College's gym to answer the Creative Paterson "Call to Collaboration." The two day event was organized by the  host team of Creative Paterson with the help and guidance of Creative New Jersey. Creative NJ is an organization that is dedicated helping New Jersey communities find solutions to difficult problems through collaboration between different sector within the target community. Participants in Paterson's event included government representatives, community and religious leaders, city residents and other stakeholders who came together for the purpose of finding creative answers to the "Call to Collaboration's" central question which was: It's Paterson's time!  How do we inspire Paterson to connect and empower all of our people, reinvigorate our economy, foster healthy neighborhoods, celebrate our achievements and become a model city of hope and opportunity?

More tha 60 breakout sessions on many topics were held during the two day events. The breakout sessions were conversations led by various participants and were built around questions such as: How do we change the word "Ward" into community? How can cultural organizations help address social issues? How does the community work together to improve education outcomes for all children? and many more. You can find out more about the conversations that took place here.

Paterson Alliance is commiitted to keeping these important conversations going. The first Paterson Alliance membership meeting of 2019 was dedicated to contininuing the conversations brought forth at the 2018 Creative Paterson "Call to Collaboration" convening.  Are you involved in a project that is for the betterment of Paterson? Are you are interested in becoming a part of the existing conversations or if you would like to start new one? If you answered yes to any of the questions we invite you to join the Creative Paterson Facebook Group and join others who are dedicated to creating a Vibrant Paterson. 



                                       Paterson Alliance Apprenticeship Program


                                                                                                  Paap 0931 2

Each summer the Paterson Alliance hosts the Paterson Alliance Apprenticeship Program (PAAP). The PAAP is a summer youth employment program that is open to Paterson students who are entering their junior or senior year of high school. Nine students are chosen each year to participate in the paid 7-week program that includes a one-week orientation and a 6-week paid summer internship at a nonprofit agency that serves the Paterson community and is also a member of the Paterson Alliance.

The main focus of week one is orientation and preparing the apprentices for what is often their very first job.  They receive training in dress codes and appropriate workplace behavior. In addition to job readiness skills the students receive information on college preparedness and participate in exercises to improve their financial literacy. Paterson Alliance also invites guests to speak to the apprentices about some of the many career choices that are available to them.

Once they successfully complete orientation the kids are off to complete their 6-week summer apprenticeship with one of Paterson Alliance’s nonprofit member organizations. During their apprenticeship are given meaningful tasks by their host organizations. They not only gain valuable work experience, but they also learn about giving back to their community and the important role that nonprofit sector in providing services to the residents of Paterson. At the end of the program the apprentices share details of their summer work experiences with Paterson Alliance members at our August membership meeting. The faces may change but year in and year out our Paterson Alliance members find the poise, humor,  talent  and enthusiasm displayed by these young Patersonians to be truly inspirational!

                               Program is made possible by an anonymous donor through the Community Foundation of New Jersey